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New Year, New Promotions

Following the announcement of our new partner, Vogler & Spencer Engineering, Inc. (VSE), wants to congratulate Jeanette Esquivel on being promoted to Marketing Manager and Mike Rodriguez to Project Representative Supervisor. As VSE expands, so do the roles.

Mrs. Esquivel has been with VSE since 2020 and has been a great asset to our company. She now manages an in-house marketing team of two. She is currently the Member Director for the Society for Marketing Professionals (SMPS) Houston Chapter and the winner of a digital campaign for their Design Awards. Her branding, event coordinating, proposals, and networking skills have not gone unnoticed.

Secondly, Mike Rodriguez has been part of the VSE family for 23 years. He now leads a team of three inspectors off-site, ensuring development and technical ability are up to par with the county, city, and state regulations. His goal with this new position is to create a welcoming and family-oriented environment for his next successor.

Congratulations to both of you. You have shown exemplary leadership skills, and VSE looks forward to the amazing things you will accomplish in your new positions.

Jeanette Esquivel

Mike Rodriguez

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