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Construction Administration

From conceptual design through construction administration we are there to bring our vast experience and unprecedented knowledge to each project. 

District Engineering Services

As the District Engineer, VSE will be responsible for the development, management, and implementation for your district.  

Hydraulics & Hydrology

Helps protect against the effects of wet weather events. Whether it be urban drainage improvements or regional flood control projects, our team is dedicated to providing effective and innovative drainage solutions. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Analyzes diverse project elements such as elevation, drainage patterns, flood plains, infrastructure conditions, historical aerials, environmental conditions, land use, soils, geology, and political, social and economic data. We provide clients with more comprehensive solutions.  

Storm Water Collection & Detention Systems

We administer design and construction management of new storm water drainage and collection systems including underground storm sewer pipe systems, roadside drainage swales, open drainage channels, storm water detention ponds, and pumped detention systems. We've also designed and performed construction management for drainage improvement projects to alleviate flooding problems in existing drainage systems. 

Water Supply, Treatment, & Distribution Systems

We assist new and existing water production facilities to improve potable water quality that meets local and federal regulations through water quality analysis, engineering design, repairs, rehabilitation, and replacement of water wells, storage tanks, hydropneumatic tanks, booster pumps, and emergency generators. We are experienced with special equipment for arsenic removal, radium removal, and other water quality issues. We have designed water distribution networks and performed computer modeling of the distribution networks for analysis of pressure losses. 

Wastewater Collection, Transfer, & Treatment Systems

We are proficient in planning, design, management, construction inspection, and rehabilitation of wastewater systems. Our wastewater treatment projects are focused on meeting successfully environmental discharge regulations.  VSE has experience with lift stations, force mains, gravity collection systems, various treatment equipment and processes, and rehabilitation of existing collection lines. We practice trenchless repair technologies when appropriate and excavated removal and replacement when necessary. 


We perform a variety of services from general land plan to plat recordation and any component of the process in between. VSE's vast knowledge of the requirements of the City of Houston Planning Commission and local Counties for processing a plat can provide for a successful project completion. 



A engineering firm’s success depends on the success of their projects and satisfaction of their clients. At Vogler & Spencer, we never forget our priorities.


Vogler & Spencer Engineering, Inc. is a civil engineering consulting firm. The firm was created in 1978 as Steffek & Van De Wiele, Inc. by John Van De Wiele & Keith Steffek. The firm changed its name to Van De Wiele Engineering, Inc. in 1998 to reflect a change in ownership. In 2001, the firm purchased a 50 year old Houston consulting engineering firm, Moffatt-Easley, Inc. The firm instituted a name change in 2009 to become Van De Wiele & Vogler, Inc. recognizing the then current ownership with Jeffrey Vogler serving as Vice President of the firm. John Van De Wiele retired at the end of 2012 and Jeffrey Vogler became President and Erik Spencer Vice President of the firm. NOW we are known as 

Vogler & Spencer Engineering, Inc.



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